Insurance Appraisal Services:

If you and your insurance company do not agree on the value of your claim you have the option to invoke the Appraisal process. An independent appraiser (usually another public adjuster) is selected for this task by you. Your insurance company also selects an independent appraiser. Both appraisers meet and discuss the claim to reach an agreed settlement. Each party pays their appraiser. In the event the appraisers are not able to reach an agreed settlement, an umpire is selected and the umpire’s decision will be the final outcome. The appraisal process is binding and legal, therefore; it should be carefully considered and planned. Call us at (818) 720-2366 and let Alliance Public Adjusters advise you of the best step forward.

Umpire Services:

When both appraisers are unable to reach an agreed settlement, an umpire is chosen to resolve the dispute. In fact, most times umpires are selected at the beginning of the appraisal process, this helps in case an agreement is not reached, avoiding the possibility of choosing an umpire after a disagreement. At Alliance Public Adjusters, we have the knowledge and experience to provide an unbiased opinion about your claim.

Insurance Mediation Services:

At Alliance Public Adjusters, we also offer insurance mediation services for home and businessowners that are in dispute with their insurance company. If negotiations are at a stall with your insurance company and your next step is likely a lawsuit, it is a good idea to consider mediation, after all it is a pre-requisite to a lawsuit. Mediation services are offered for all claim types including fire and water damage insurance claims.
Since mediation is non-binding, it gives the insured an option to possibly settle the claim with their insurance company before heading to court. It is certainly a more cost effective and expedited option to a resolution if an agreement can be reached.