What is a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims professional that only represents the interests of the policy holder. An Alliance Public Adjuster consultant is trained in assessing, preparing and negotiating your claim with your insurance company.
Do you need a Public Adjuster?
Hiring a Public Adjuster is not necessary for every claim. To find out if you need a Public Adjuster, please call us and we’ll gladly consult with you regarding your needs and point you in the right direction.
How’s a Public Adjuster Compensated?
The fee of a Public Adjuster is computed as a small percentage of the settlement amount. There are no upfront fees; we only get paid when your claim is settled!
What to look for when hiring a Public Adjuster:
Is the company registered with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (CAPIA)?
CAPIA sets the rules or professional code of ethics for the industry and its members agree to abide by its strict code of conduct. You can visit them at www.capiainc.com.
Is the company bonded and insured?
Public Adjusters must carry this insurance to protect you in the event of an error caused by the Public Adjuster.
Is the licensing company located in California?
Check with California Department of Insurance to verify the licensed entity. Technology has enabled many out of state companies to advertise and subcontract work to other adjusters in California. We are located in California, and have full knowledge of the California Department of Insurance guidelines and regulations; therefore assuring your claim is handled accordingly.
Can the company provide you with references?
Any reputable Public Adjusting company should be able to provide references upon request.