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Do you have water damage in Agoura Hills? If a pipe bursts or leaks, or a drain clogs, your home may suffer considerable water damage. Insurance companies often receive calls from Agoura Hills homeowners about water damage in their basements, kitchens, baths or elsewhere in the home.  Water damage can not only affect your property, but your furnishings as well, which is why you need an experienced Agoura Hills public adjuster on your side.

What to Expect When Working with an Agoura Hills Public Adjuster

An Agoura Hills public adjuster understands and helps keep the claims process organized. Whether water damage only occurred at your home, or it’s affecting multiple homes across Agoura Hills you can be sure that the insurance is inundated with claims. A pubic adjuster in Agoura Hills will work with you independently of the insurance company to ensure that your claim is handled fairly and properly.

A public adjuster understands how to properly negotiate with the insurance company to get your water damage claim settled promptly. They’ll work with you to appraise the damage and ensure that everything is handled appropriately. The results they get are always done in your best interest, and because they work for you (and not the insurance company), you may often get more than you thought you would for your claim.

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What Happens when Water Damage Affects Your Home

Whether the water seeps or gushes into your Agoura Hills home, it can do more than just damage your flooring, walls or furnishings. The bacteria level or pollution in the water can also affect your home, which can in turn affect your health, particularly with regard to sewage backups.

Water damage, and the contamination within it, is labeled according to three categories with the last category posing an extreme human health hazard. The clock is ticking, which is why it’s so important to work with an Agoura Hills public adjuster who has experience in working with water damage Agoura Hills claims and can help get your claim resolved promptly and efficiently.

Don’t let the insurance company try to drag out your claim or your payment, and don’t let them overwhelm you with terms or paperwork that can be confusing and hard to understand. A public adjuster in Agoura Hills can help make sense of it all.

How to Get a Claims Started for Water Damage in Agoura Hills

To get your water damage claim started, or if you need help with other home insurance claims, including fire damage, roof damage and wind damage to your home in Agoura Hills, simply fill out the form to the right or call 818-720-2366. Speak to an Agoura Hills public adjuster who has specific experience dealing with the type of insurance claim you need help with.

Your public adjuster works for you and is on your side — not the insurance company’s, so they are looking out for your best interests. A properly trained and dedicated public adjuster can help you negotiate the best possible outcome for your specific claim and will independently assess the damage so that you can rest easy, knowing your claim is in competent, knowledgeable hands.

contact an agoura hills public adjuster