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“After my home flooded, my insurance tried to lowball me. Henry really saved the day, and I got the money I deserved.” – Greta V., Alhambra, CA  five stars

Water damage in Alhambra doesn’t always have to mean flooding. In fact, some water damage can be so inconspicuous, that by the time you notice it, it’s already too late. So what can you do? Follow these steps if you need to file an insurance claim for water damage to your home in Alhambra.

Water Damage in Alhambra vs. Flood Damage

Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover water damage from a flood, but it may cover water damage caused by leaks, bursting pipes and storm damage. You’ll want to check your policy carefully to determine if flood damage is included if you’re concerned about damage affecting your home from a flood.

If you’re already dealing with the aftermath of water damage to your home, it may look like everything is ruined — from furnishings to cushions, flooring to paint. The last thing you need during this challenging time is to deal with the runaround from insurance companies.

You see, insurance companies are in the business of making money, and will pay out as little as they can, particularly if a large area of Alhambra is affected. That’s why you’ll want to consider hiring a public adjuster in Alhambra to fight for your rights as an insured homeowner.

What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

Public adjusters work hard to prove that your insurance claim is worth the maximum amount. They do an independent assessment of the water damage to your home in Alhambra and file the necessary paperwork with the insurance company while promptly following up and holding the insurance company liable for covered damages. A public adjuster in Alhambra is on your side and works for you — not the insurance company.

Your public adjuster will survey the water damage to your home and help process your claim with the insurance company quickly and efficiently. Because they work for you, everything they do is handled in your best interest to help you get the money you deserve to repair your home from water damage.

Think of them as a highly-organized, highly-effective ally — someone on your team who’s willing to step in for you and help get your claim resolved quickly and fairly when the insurance company wants to drag their feet on your water damage claim.
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How Can a Public Adjuster Help Me with a Water Damage Claim?

In Alhambra, water damage can be particularly severe. In addition, the emotional and mental stress of losing your furnishings, heirlooms or other prized belongings can take a toll on your health. By letting a public adjuster work for you, the insurance company can’t take advantage of the stress you’re under by offering you a lowball amount for the damages. Your public adjuster helps keep them accountable.

If you’re ready to connect with a public adjuster handle your claim for water damage in Alhambra, or if you live in Alhambra and have a similar homeowners insurance claim for fire damage, wind damage or roof damage to your home, simply fill out the form to the right or call 818-720-2366 to speak with an experienced public adjuster who can work with you right away to get the results you need to get your life back on track.

contact an alhambra public adjuster