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If you’re a homeowner in Anaheim, you probably don’t think much about flood damage affecting your home. Or you think you’ll catch water damage before it becomes a problem.

Think again.

Storms and burst pipes, small leaks that suddenly start gushing, clogged drains and culverts…all of these can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You may wonder if your homeowner’s insurance has you covered.

Well, the answer is often “yes and no”.

Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover Flood Damage in Anaheim

Flood damage is completely separate from water damage, and as such, your homeowners insurance may not cover water damage caused from a flood. You’ll need to check your policy or determine if you have supplemental flood insurance specifically to deal with these kinds of issues.

What’s more, water damage in Anaheim may start out small, but become a much bigger problem before you even realize it. Countless homeowners have discovered that what starts as a small drip can turn into a cascade in seconds — ruining everything from floors to furnishings.
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Before You File a Claim with Your Insurance, Hire a Public Adjuster in Anaheim

water damage anaheim A public adjuster in Anaheim understands the intricacies and complexities of dealing with homeowners insurance and the various insurance companies that offer coverage throughout Anaheim. A public adjuster can work with you to help get the maximum amount you’re entitled to for your claim if it’s covered under your insurance plan.

Even if you’ve already filed a homeowners insurance claim for flood damage or water damage in Anaheim, a public adjuster can help expedite your claim by filing all the necessary paperwork and monitoring responses to make sure your claim is resolved as quickly as possible.

What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

A public adjuster is on your side. They work expressly for you and work independently from the insurance company. They are not representatives of the insurance company or associates, but rather they take the time to understand what’s necessary to get a claim resolved as quickly as possible, and will work with you to make sure that happens, to the best of their abilities.

How Do I Reach Public Adjusters in Anaheim?

The good news is that whether you’re dealing with water damage in Anaheim, flood damage in Anaheim or other types of damage like fire, wind or earthquake damage to your home, finding a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable public adjuster in Anaheim is easier than ever.

Simply fill out the form to the right or call 818-720-2366 with the details of the incident and our expert public adjuster, who has experience dealing with the type of homeowners insurance claim you’re filing (or have filed), will reach out to you. Your adjuster will come to you and perform an assessment of the damage so that you can qualify for the maximum payout possible to help repair or remodel from water damage in Anaheim.

Don’t wait — reach out today and give your claim the attention it deserves!

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