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“When mold damage made my home uninhabitble, I never thought my life would be the same again. Thankfully, Alliance Public Adjusters took amazing care of me and my family, and now we have our home again.” – Dan Z., Dana Point, CA five stars

Regardless of how it happens, water in a home or building can cause serious issues. Personal possessions, ceilings and floors, and even structural supports can all be damaged by water. Many homeowners insurance policies can cover this damage, but it can be difficult to navigate the complicated claims process; after all, most homeowners only make claims once or twice in their lifetimes. For claims agents, this is what they do all day. If your home has water damage in Dana Point, Alliance Public Adjusters is here to work on your side and make sure you get the help needed to get the insurance settlement you deserve.

Dana Point is located in southern Orange County in California. Right on the coast, the community has more than 33,000 residents; its convenient location to State Route 1 makes it a frequent destination for surfers. The mild climate and clear waters mean that both tourists and residents love calling Dana Point home.

When homes experience water damage, it tends to happen either very quickly, or over a significant length of time. The most common cause of sudden damage is a burst pipe. There are a few specific reasons that pipes tend to burst:

  • Poor installation. Pipes that aren’t secured properly will rattle as water moves through them. Over time, this weakens joints and can cause breaks.
  • Corrosion weakens pipes and can cause breaks, especially when water pressure suddenly changes.
  • Poor connections. Pipes may have been badly fitted together or have not been soldered properly; either way, this can lead to holes, gaps, and ruptures.

public adjusters dana pointSlow damage, on the other hand, tends to happen over a period of weeks or months. Slower damage is often caused by leaks and condensation. Pipes may drip, fixtures may leak, or condensation may accumulate. These issues can cause standing water which can damage ceilings, floors, and support structures. They can also cause mold and mildew issues which can be very unhealthy.

Homeowners insurance often covers these types of water damage, but the process of filing a claim is often complex. This is why having a public adjuster on your side can be so helpful. At Alliance Public Adjusters, we will meet you at your site and examine the damage. We’ll help you get an estimate for repairs and document the damage in a way that will be effective with the insurance company.

We also act directly as your advocate with the insurance company. We can navigate the claims process, talk to claims adjusters in ways that they understand, and fight to get you a fair settlement that you will be happy with. We have years of experience in the insurance industry and understand how to get you what you need. There is also no upfront costs with Alliance Public Adjusters; our payment is a small fee out of your settlement.

If you have water damage in Dana Point, contact us today at 818-720-2366 to get help sorting out your insurance claim. We’ll fight for a settlement that will get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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