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There are so many ways for water to damage a home. From burst pipes to slow leaks, mildew to erosion, rapid flooding to slow, steady leaks – water can cause significant and expensive repairs to be necessary in homes. Many homeowners insurance policies will cover water or flood damage, but getting a fair and reasonable settlement can take a great deal of paperwork and insurance know-how. Instead of trying to do it on your own, if you need help with water damage in Glendora, contact Alliance Public Adjusters; let us be your advocates as you get the settlement your policy says is fair.

The city of Glendora, California, is just east of downtown Los Angeles. Considered the “Pride of the Foothills” with one of the best downtowns in San Gabriel Valley, Glendora both has a large number of family residents and a significant number of visitors to their restaurants, entertainment venues, and cultural events. Both residents and business owners need to be careful about water damage in their buildings, and if damage occurs, they need to make sure it interrupts the flow of life as little as possible.

Water Damage in Glendora

water damage glendora In Glendora, there are many reasons that buildings might experience water damage. Burst pipes are one of the most common. TPipes can burst for many reasons; weather can cause corrosion which weakens the metal; poorly secured pipes can rattle, weakening joints; sudden changes in pressure can cause pipes to burst open. All of these situations can result in rapid flooding that needs quick repairs.

But other issues, such as condensation in ceilings and walls, slow leaks, and gradual damage to the foundation can all cause water damage problems that must be repaired. hey can leave behind mold and mildew which must be removed in order to keep a home healthy. But when a homeowner tries to make a claim on their policy, they may find that the insurance agent is less than helpful.

This is when working with a public adjuster becomes not just helpful, but crucial. Claims agents spend all day working with insurance policies, and have vastly more knowledge about insurance processes than homeowners. But public adjusters also have in depth knowledge of insurance processes. We’ll help you:

  • Assess the damage
  • Get an appropriate cost estimate of the necessary repairs
  • Assist with insurance paperwork to simplify the process
  • Advocate on your behalf with the insurance company until we reach a settlement that you’re happy with.

When Alliance Public Adjusters is working with you on your water damage claim in Glendora, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied. There is no up-front cost to our services; we are only paid once your settlement is completed. When you contact us, we will meet you at your site, look over the damages and your insurance policy, and give you an idea of what you can probably expect. Then we’ll get started on the work together.

If your home or building has suffered water damage in Glendora, contact Alliance Public Adjusters today to the help you need at 818-720-2366.

Contact a public adjuster in Glendora today!