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“Not enough people know about public adjuters and the amazing service they provide to the public. After hiring Alliance Public Adjusters, I can say without a doubt that hiring a public adjuster is essential when you have property damage.” – Sam P., Laguna Niguel, CA five stars

The Orange County suburb of Laguna Niguel in California has seen more than its share of flood damage in recent years. With a population of more than 68,000, the city is close to the Pacific Ocean, and borders communities like Laguna Beach and Dana Point. Generally known for its parks and trails along with its mild climate, the community has seen more flash floods in recent years than previously. Many homeowners have seen significant flood damage in Laguna Niguel. Managing their homeowners’ claims on their own is complicated and often frustrating. When home and business owners work with Alliance Public Adjusters in Laguna Niguel, they find the process of working with their insurance company significantly easier – and almost always get better settlements than they would have on their own.

Water Damage in Laguna Niguel

Flooding damage can be caused by internal damage to a home or by severe weather outside. Sometimes drains and sewers overflow with stormwater, causing water to back up into a home. Whatever the cause, damage can be done to ceilings and floors, walls, fixtures, and more. Soil erosion during severe storms can make foundations vulnerable, and property can be damaged as well.

Documenting damage for an insurance claim can be cumbersome and frustrating, especially because it can be difficult to immediately understand the amount of damage that has been done. This is the first way that an Alliance Public Adjuster can help you deal with flood damage. We’ll meet you at your site, assess the damage, and help you get a professional estimate on repairs to take to your insurance company. We’ll help you get the kind of documentation that will help make the claim process easy and straightforward.

public adjusters laguna niguelCustomers don’t always realize that claims adjusters with insurance companies don’t work to find a fair estimate; they work for the insurance company, and will always process claims with that in mind. This is the other way that having a public adjuster on your side can make a big difference when it comes to claims for flood damage. We know the ins and outs of insurance claims and the insurance industry, and we will fight for you until you get a settlement that you’re happy with. We will file paperwork, talk to the insurance company, and act as advocates on your behalf.

It’s easy to see flood damage as simply the surface damage to flooring, walls, and property. But significant amounts of water, or standing water, can create mold and mildew, cause underlying structural damage, and more. Alliance Public Adjusters has the experience needed to ensure that all the damage to your building has been documented. When home and business owners use public adjusters, they nearly always get a higher settlement than those who don’t. When you’re looking for a public adjuster to help with your flood damage claims in Laguna Niguel, contact Alliance Public Adjusters at 818-720-2366. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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