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“My insurance denied my claim and left me with a damaged home. I hired Henry, and he not only got my claim accepted, he helped me get way more money than I otherwise would have received.” – Greg P., Malibu, CA five stars

If you live in or around Malibu and you home has been damaged by the recent wildfires, you may think that you simply have to wait until your insurance pays your claim. But hiring a public adjuster could make that process go much more quickly and efficiently. Here’s how:

A Malibu Public Adjuster Works as Your Advocate

Public adjusters are professionally trained and often certified in understanding the nuanced language and technical details of insurance coverage and policies. They understand how the claims process works and can handle all the paperwork so that your fire damage claim is handled expeditiously and thoroughly.

Because your Malibu public adjuster works for you and not the insurance companies, it’s in their best interest to be attentive to your claim and dedicated to your case. You are welcome to ask your public adjuster in Malibu any questions you may have about the fire damage claims process and get clear, concise answers so that you know what to expect.

A Closer Look at Fire Damage in Malibu

The recent wildfires have devastated much of California, and the fire damage in Malibu is no different. Although the news often reports of the damage to celebrity and high-profile homes, there are many different residents that call Malibu home, and their fire damage claims are no less important.

Whether your home has suffered fire damage or you’re concerned about smoke damage affecting your property and surroundings, working with a public adjuster can get you the help you need to resolve your claim quickly.

The public adjuster in Malibu will come to you and document the fire damage evidence to your home or property in Malibu. They can also submit the relevant paperwork and documentation, as well as verify the value of your loss. By submitting all the proper paperwork and files on your behalf, the insurance company can tend to you claim more promptly.
fire damage malibuContact a public adjuster in California today!

Next Steps to Working with a Malibu Public Adjuster

If you’ve already filed a fire damage claim in Malibu, you can still work with a public adjuster in Malibu to determine that the process was done correctly. If there are any errors or discrepancies in the paperwork, the Malibu public adjuster can have your claim reopened and re-examined.

This allows you to not only enjoy greater peace of mind that your claim is being handled professionally but also lets you concentrate on getting back to living your life without worrying if your fire damage claim is being taken care of properly.

To get started working with a public adjuster in Malibu, simply fill out the form to the right with as much detail as you feel comfortable giving or call 818-720-2366. We’ll then connect you to an experienced, knowledgeable public adjuster in Malibu who can take your case right away and work with you to get it resolved quickly.

But don’t wait too long. There are a limited number of Malibu public adjusters available to help with all the fire damage claims, and the sooner you start, the sooner your claim can be completed and you can get back to rebuilding your life!