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“A little bit of mold lead to a lot of hassle and expenses, but Alliance Public Adjusters went above and beyond to make things right for us.” – Max M., Monrovia, CA five stars

Water damage can happen anywhere, in any building. Pipes burst, sewers back up, and slow leaks can all cause serious internal damage. Homeowners insurance will often cover damages, but working with an insurance company can be incredibly frustrating. After all, insurance claims agents work with these issues all day long; most homeowners rarely use their homeowner’s insurance. They may not be familiar with the ins and outs of claims, how to read their policies, or how to document damage. This is where Alliance Public Adjusters can help manage water damage claims in Monrovia.

The city of Monrovia in California is nestled in the San Gabriel foothills in Los Angeles County. With a population of more than 36,000 residents, several major companies are based in the area. Like many areas in Southern California, Monrovia has seen flooding in recent years. Flooding can be one cause of pipes bursting and causing serious damage to homes, even when the homes themselves are safe from flooding.

When homes are affected by water damage, homeowners will often reach for their insurance policies. But without appropriate filing, accurate damage documentation, and careful estimates on repair costs, claims can be denied, or settlements may be offered that just aren’t enough to cover damages.

Alliance Public Adjusters is ready to help. Studies have shown that when individuals use public adjusters to complete their claims, they get better settlements more quickly. This is often due to the public adjusters’ familiarity with how insurance works. They know how to look for damage that may not be immediately apparent, how to get proper repair estimates, and most importantly, how to advocate for an individual’s needs to the insurance company until the company offers a settlement that you’re happy with.

Although burst pipes are the most common reason for water damage in the home, there are many different reasons that pipes can burst. Big changes in water pressure can cause pipes to burst or joints to rupture. Corrosion can create weak spots on pipes over time. Pipes that are not properly secured can rattle, causing joints to weaken over time and eventually burst. All of these breaks can cause sudden and severe flooding.

But slow leaks, condensation, and other problems can also cause water damage in a home. Floors, ceilings, walls, and support structures can all be damaged. Public adjusters know what to look for when one sign of damage has been found; they can look for associated damage that could be missed by a casual glance.

If your Monrovia home has suffered water damage, contact Alliance Public Adjusters. We’ll meet you at your site, go over the damages and your policy, and give you an idea of what sort of settlement we might be able to negotiate with the insurance company. You won’t pay an up-front fee with us; we get a paid a small percentage of your settlement. Contact us today at 818-720-2366 to learn more about how we can help you with your water damage claims.

Contact a public adjuster in Monrovia today!