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“When my insurance tried to pay so little for a giant hole in my wall caused by a leak, it felt like I hit rock bottom. Henry and his team turned everything around for me, and now I’m back on top.” – Alan B., San Fernando, CA five stars

Water damage can happen quickly. A pipe suddenly gives way and a room is flooded, or a drain backs up and there’s sewer water everywhere. Water damage can also happen more slowly, with subtle leaks and condensation building up over time. Many homeowners insurance policies cover water damage, but homeowners may struggle to get a fair settlement on their policies. They might not realize that a claims agent is an employee of the insurance agency, and there to get the best deal they can for the insurance company. This is why people dealing with water damage claims in San Fernando should get the help of a public adjuster. Alliance Public Adjusters work on behalf of you, to help you get the best settlement you can from your insurance company.

Surrounded by the city of Los Angeles, San Fernando is located within the San Fernando Valley. Like much of Southern California, San Fernando has experienced more flooding over the last few years; even when flooding isn’t severe enough to directly damage homes, the extra water can still cause significant damage.

The most common cause of serious indoor flooding is burst pipes. There are many different reasons pipes can burst. Sometimes corrosion causes a weakness in a pipe. A rapid increase in pressure can cause the weak spot to give way, or it may simply rupture over time. Pipes that aren’t properly secured can rattle back and forth as water moves through them; this can cause pipes to break at joints or bends. Slower leaks and condensation cause damage to floors and ceilings, and other support structures within buildings.

When homes in San Fernando experience water damage, homeowners will reach for their insurance policies. But making a claim is a complicated process; damage must be documented, estimates must be obtained, and everything must happen the way the insurance company needs it to be done for the claim to process successfully. By working with a public adjuster, homeowners get help throughout this process.

By contact Alliance Public Adjusters, you get a partner in the claims process. We work for you, and will help you get the best possible settlement based on your policy and the damages experienced. We will meet you at your site and look over the damage. We will then work with the insurance company as your advocate, and we will not stop fighting for you until you get a settlement that satisfies you. There are also no upfront fees to work with Alliance; we get paid out of your settlement, or not at all.

If your home has water damage in San Fernando, contact Alliance Public Adjusters. We have years of experience in the insurance world, and are prepared to go to work on your behalf. Contact us today through our website or give us a phone call at 818-720-2366 to start the process. We are here to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Contact a public adjuster in San Fernando today!