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Water damage can come out of nowhere. Whether it’s the sudden type – a ruptured pipe or a sudden flood from a sewer overflow – or the slower type – an ongoing leak or condensation issue that makes itself known – it can cause structural damage, issues with mold and mildew, and damage to property. When water damage in South Pasadena causes trouble in your home, you can file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance. Alliance Public Adjusters is here to help make the filing process easier and make sure that you get the settlement you deserve.

Broken pipes are the most common cause of sudden flooding in the home. There are many reasons pipes can break, including:

  • Pipes that are not properly secured. When water flows through the pipes, they rattle; over time, they will loosen joints, and either the joint or the pipe will break.
  • Corrosion can cause weak spots in the metal over time.
  • Sudden changes in water pressure can cause joints or pipes to fail, especially if there are areas of corrosion.

Slow leaks and condensation, however, can be just as damaging over the long term. The slow accumulation of water can cause problems with mold and mildew, damage to ceilings and floors, and damage to structural supports in the building.

public adjusters pasadenaLocated within Los Angeles, California, the city of South Pasadena has a population of more than 24,000. Like other areas in Southern California, South Pasadena has seen more flooding over recent years. Even when flooding is not severe enough to cause direct damage, it can cause soil erosion that puts foundations at risk, as well as flooding in storm drains that causes sewer water to back up into homes.

Whatever causes water damage in South Pasadena, residents may be able to file a homeowners insurance claim to help with repairs to the damaged areas of their homes. Alliance Public Adjusters can help homeowners file a claim successfully and get the best possible settlement from their insurance company. We will meet you at your site, survey the damage, and let you know what might be a possible settlement from the insurance company.

We can help you file the paperwork for a claim, make sure that you have the right documentation to demonstrate the damages to your insurance company and help you get the kind of professional repair estimate that they will understand. We will also be able to advocate for you to the insurance company as a settlement is discussed. Too often customers assume that a claims adjuster is there to find a fair settlement between both parties. A claims adjuster is actually an insurance company employee and will be working to get the insurance company the best deal possible.

When you work with Alliance Public Adjusters, you have someone on your side who is determined to help you get the best settlement possible. We won’t stop fighting until you’re satisfied. If you have a water damage claim in South Pasadena, let Alliance Public Adjusters work with you to get your claim resolved. Call 818-720-2366 today!

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