As public adjusters, we are professional Insurance claim consultants that work exclusively for the policyholder.


    Some insurance carriers are taking shortcuts and not fully abiding by insurance code of regulations. It is crucial for you to know what steps to take first and what your rights are.

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    Water damage from leaking or burst pipes can cause damage that is hidden from view. It is important to have the damage inspected to address all consequential damage and finally prepare an estimate for your contractor.

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    There are many ways to damage a bathtub or toilet, from problems with water lines to dropped items, to cracks and scratches, allowing mildew and mold to form over time.

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    A roof that is damaged from wind can be the cause of rainwater to pour into your home and cause damage. Your insurance company will try to tell you that the damage is caused by wear and tear. We will inspect your damage and advise you properly.

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    If you have earthquake coverage then your damages will be covered, however if you do not carry earthquake coverage, your damage might still be covered. Call us to see how we can help.

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    After theft, documenting the items that were stolen can be complex. Without adequate proof, it may be difficult to get replacement cost for them. Public adjusters can help you maximize your chances of getting a settlement that meets your needs.

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We Advocate for You

After suffering a destructive or even a small damage to your home or business, the burden of proof is on you the “homeowner” to prove your damages to your insurance company, your policy clearly states that.

That is why you need Alliance Public Adjusters on your side to even out the playing field.

We will meet with you at your property location, review your policy coverages and outline all possible overages that you may be afforded by your insurance company.

We will fight for you until all necessary repair protocols are met and claims settled to your satisfaction.

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  • H. Kadehjian –

    H. Kadehjian – Insurance Offer $0 CLC Settlement $56,750

    On the first visit from the insurance adjuster our claim was denied. We called Alliance Public Adjusters, and Henry was able to prove to the insurance company that the damage was indeed a covered loss. Claim was reopened and settled for more than what we had anticipated for.

  • N. Shamalian –

    N. Shamalian – Insurance Offer $51,500 CLC Settlement $235,120

    The fire damage to my property was too overwhelming. The insurance company was trying to wrap things up in a quick and inexpensive manner. Alliance Public Adjusters stepped in and helped me rebuild my property to its prior condition. They helped me find temporary housing to stay in, until my construction on my house was complete.

  • R. Samaan –

    R. Samaan – Insurance Offer $29,385 CLC Settlement $136,621

    After the water damage was mitigated by the dry-out company, the insurance company’s adjuster estimated my damage and made me an offer that was very low. I knew immediately that I needed professional help. I interviewed a few companies and chose Henry from Alliance Public Adjusters to assist me in handling my claim. The claim was settled and Henry was able to utilize additional coverages in my policy to bring our property up to current codes.

  • S. Arbash –

    S. Arbash – Insurance Offer $19,685 CLC Settlement $98,293

    Henry was very helpful assisting us in the water damage we had at our property, the Insurance Company tried to settle with as little as possible, but the damage was much greater and deeper than a falling ceiling and wet floors. Henry was able to locate lots of hidden damages that would surface later on and we were able to address those issues with the Insurance Company. The service was very prompt and right on point, with no hidden fees or questionable practices. We had a good experience and already recommended the company to couple of our Friends.