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Fire Damage

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"A freak accident led to a house fire that destroyed most of my possessions. I would've been lost without Alliance Public Adjusters and Henry, who helped me reclaim my life." -- Ben V., Glendale, CA

Having a fire in your home is a terrifying experience, whether you’re home when the fire occurs or not. Even small fires can cause significant damage to your home and your possessions; heat and smoke damage can be as much of a problem as the actual flames. Once the firefighters are gone, you’re often left trying to determine what to do next – and how to work with your insurance company to receive fair and appropriate reimbursement. Alliance Public Adjusters are in your corner as you work with the insurance company to get your life back together.

In your insurance paperwork details, you will often notice that the burden of proving damages is on the homeowner, not on the insurance company. Your insurance company can only offer reimbursement for damages that you can demonstrate. This process can be frustrating, time consuming and difficult for a homeowner who often has many other issues to deal with.

Company Adjusters vs. Public Adjusters

It may seem obvious that insurance companies deal with insurance policies all day long; it is quite literally their profession. As a homeowner, however, you hope to almost never have to file insurance claims. You are therefore, by comparison, inexperienced in how to work within the limits of your policy to get back every penny your policy allows. Many homeowners assume that their claims adjuster will work with them, but the claims adjuster, unlike a public adjuster, is a representative of the insurance company, and is there to represent the insurance company’s interests. This often means settling for as little money as possible and is rarely enough to fully address a homeowner’s damage, repair or replacement costs.

Alliance Public Adjusters, however, are representatives of you – the insured – and our independent claims adjusters are just as versed in insurance as the insurance companies. We have extensive experience in making sure that our clients get their fair reimbursement from their policies. We will visit you at your location, look over your policy with you, assess your coverage, and help you see the various overages you may be able to receive from your insurance company. We will then negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, keeping you updated through phone calls, emails, text messages, or whatever form of communication is easiest for you, and we make sure you know what’s going on with every insurance company interaction.

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Although we are based in Los Angeles, we serve as fire damage public adjusters throughout the state of California. We work with our clients to search for underlying damage that can surface at a later time and make sure that you get the insurance coverage you’re paying for. Let us use our years of experience in the insurance industry to help you navigate the confusing and complicated world of insurance claims. Contact Alliance Public Adjusters today to get the insurance settlement that you deserve.

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