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Wind/Roof Damage

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"Our roof was extensively damaged during a storm, and we were shocked when our insurance company tried to offer us so little. Alliance Public Adjusters set things right for us." -- Rose P., Glendale, CA

When high winds tear through town, homeowners may look first to their windows and their landscaping to assess damage. The damage that heavy wind can do to a roof may initially be overlooked. In California, high velocity winds are a common part of major storm systems, and can tear up tiles and roofing panels, leaving the underlying roof structure vulnerable to damage. Contacting an insurance company to file a claim based on roofing can be incredibly frustrating, and homeowners may not know where to turn. Alliance Public Adjusters can help you get the settlement from insurance claims related to wind and roof damage.

Dealing with Windstorm Insurance Policies

Homeowners insurance policies will typically cover direct physical windstorm damage; therefore, if the damage is obvious, then it does simplify the process of filing a windstorm damage claim by just a little bit, but things are rarely easy when it comes to insurance claims. If the damage to your home is extensive, then where will you live while repairs are being made? What about the damage that isn’t obvious, such as water, flood or even mold damage that can result from the wind / roof damage. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. How will you even know what to look for? Even if you don’t, you still deserve compensation, and that’s why you need an experienced claims adjuster on YOUR side, serving YOUR interests.

While we would all like to think the adjuster sent by your insurance carrier is there to offer a settlement that is fair to all parties, the reality is that the claims adjusters are insurance company employees paid to find the best possible settlement in the interest of their employer. Without someone in your corner who knows insurance just as well as the companies do, it can be very difficult to get the settlement you are entitled to within your policy. This is where public adjusters come in.

A public adjuster is someone in your corner who can work with the insurance company to ensure that the settlement you receive is fair and adequate to your repair and replacement needs. We will meet you at the site of the damage, look over what has happened, document the damage, and move forward with the insurance company on your behalf. We know where to look for damage that may not be initially apparent, but may surface and cause problems later on. We take the stress of filing and negotiating your claim off your shoulders and let you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Get the Amount You Deserve for Your Wind / Roof Damage

If your home and/or roof have suffered damage due to a recent windstorm, or winds associated with any storm for that matter, the next step is to contact Alliance Public Adjusters. Based in Los Angeles and serving all of California, we want to help you get what you deserve from your insurance policy. We are ready to answer your questions about your policy, the damages you’ve suffered, and how to move forward. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you work with your insurance company to get what you need.

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