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Earthquake Damage

Alliance Public Adjusters

We Can Simplify Your Earthquake Damage Claims Process

"Our home was devastated by an earthquake and we turned to Henry and his team who helped us get the money we needed to rebuild out lives." -- Sam G., Glendale, CA

California is (unfortunately) known for its seismic activity. The state had almost 8,000 earthquakes with a magnitude of 1.5 or higher just last year. When you look at earthquakes of any magnitude, Southern California alone often has 10,000 in a year! Earthquakes, both small and large, can cause serious structural damage to homes while also impacting the surrounding areas of a home. It can even lead to additional damage stemming from resulting fires and sprinkler leakage. Unfortunately, there are times when filing a claim for earthquake damage with an insurance company can be challenging and frustrating. It can sometimes feel like an insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid paying your earthquake claim. This is where public adjusters can help. Alliance Public Adjusters work with YOU to get the settlement you deserve from your insurance company.

Maybe it seems obvious, but claims adjusters survey damage and negotiate claims professionally. Therefore, they are extremely experienced with the right techniques to get the very best settlement. But since they are also employees of the insurance company, they aren’t looking for the best settlement for the homeowner; they are looking to get a settlement which favors the insurance company.

The Complexities of Homeowners Insurance

Generally, homeowners are inexperienced in the details of insurance. Most may not even be aware that the average insurance policy doesn’t cover earthquake damage, requiring separate coverage to be purchased, let alone know how to use their policy to get what they deserve, or utilize the best ways to document and present damages. This makes sense; as the typical homeowner will only file a handful of insurance claims during the entire life of the policy. But this is why having a public adjuster in your corner can prove so crucial to getting a fair settlement. We work with insurance companies every day, know how to show the damages to your home in ways that insurance companies can understand, and know how to help you get a settlement that will manage your repair and replacement needs.

Our Earthquake Damage Claims Process

An Earthquake policy works differently than a homeowner’s HO-3 policy. Currently there are 6 types of earthquake coverages that are recognized by California Earthquake Authority:

  • Homeowners
  • Homeowner’s Choice
  • Condo Owners
  • Renters
  • Mobile Home Owners
  • Mobile Home Owners Choice

Each of these policies have their own unique deductible calculation worksheet. We have the knowledge and experience to prepare all worksheets related to your earthquake coverages.

We will assess all damage and prepare re-construction estimates to your earthquake-damaged home. If necessary an engineer will be utilized to assess structural damage.

Based in Los Angeles, Alliance Public Adjusters serves the entire state of California in getting fair insurance settlements related to earthquake damage and other insurance needs. We are ready to help you understand the ways to navigate the world of filing insurance claims and answer any questions you might have about your policy, working with your insurance company, or how Alliance Public Adjusters can be your advocate. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help you get the fair and appropriate insurance settlement you deserve from your insurance company.

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