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Alliance Public Adjusters

Unparalleled Expertise in the Theft/Vandalism Claims Process

"Henry helped us immeasurably when our home was burglarized and many of our valuable possessions were stolen." -- Calvin D., Glendale, CA

Finding out that your home has been either robbed or vandalized – or both – is terrifying. If you are home when the incident occurs, you may experience a great deal of fear and trauma, even once you are physically safe. Even if you aren’t home, finding that your home has been disturbed can leave you feeling unsettled, exposed, and unsafe. And that’s before you find that your jewelry, electronics, or antiques have gone missing. Negotiating an insurance settlement after a theft or the vandalism of your home can be complicated and frustrating and can increase your anxiety and uneasiness. Having someone in your corner can be helpful as you work with your insurance company; that’s where Alliance Public Adjusters comes in. We will help you resolve your insurance claims, including those related to vandalism and theft, helping you get a fair settlement that will allow you to repair or replace as needed.

Based in southern California, Alliance Public Adjusters works throughout the state of California as an insurance expert whose focus is on you. Many homeowners believe that their insurance company’s claims adjuster is seeking a fair settlement for them; in fact, the claims adjusters is an employee of the insurance company, and their primary responsibility is to get a settlement that meets the insurance company’s needs.

Navigating The Theft/Vandalism Claims Process

After theft, in particular, documenting the items that were stolen and their value can be especially complex. Your insurance carrier will need to be able to determine that a theft and/or vandalism did, in fact, occur, and moreover, if you, the insured, actually owned the possessions that were reportedly stolen or vandalized. Without adequate proof, which the average homeowner will likely not know how to document and present to their insurance carrier, it may be difficult to get a replacement cost for your lost property. Public adjusters can help you find the right way to document your property and maximize your chances of getting a settlement that meets your needs.

As we work with you and your insurance company, we will meet you at your home. We will look over the damage and help you find the right way to document the losses, or any repair work that will be needed as a result of vandalism. We will then work with your insurance company on your behalf, so you can focus on getting your life back to normal. We are insurance experts and are familiar with the details of homeowners insurance policies, which makes us ideal partners as you work with your company.

When you’re ready to get professional help negotiating the frustrating world of theft and vandalism insurance claims, call Alliance Public Adjusters. We’re ready to answer any questions you might have about the best way to demonstrate your repair needs (vandalism), quantify your losses (theft), and help you regain a sense of control in the wake of a traumatizing event. Contact us today to let us take the weight of your insurance claim for theft or vandalism off your shoulders, and get back to your life.

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